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What We Do

Our mental health is an essential resource for life, and we recognise that mental health can be affected by many different factors. Kerry Peer Support Network wants to support people to achieve a good level of mental health and wellbeing through support groups and education. KPSN is now a hub for Peer Led Recovery Education and Peer Support in Kerry. We provide an educational and mentoring approach to empower people to become experts in their own mental health and wellbeing. We offer Recovery Education, Training, and Facilitation of Peer Support groups. Through Recovery Education, people explore and become more self-aware, learn more about self-discovery, understand their own mental health and ways to cope better and learn to protect their mental health. They do this by learning new life skills and therefore developing their own personal, meaningful goals that are central to their own Recovery journey while maintaining Hope and wellbeing and reducing risk factors to poor mental health.

"Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path"


Where It All Started

In 2011, a group came together of service users, mental health professionals, with Tralee Mental Health Association and a gap in community supports was noted. In particular, training and guidance of peer to peer support was identified. Peer Support has an established history of having a key role for an individual seeking to establish Wellness and Recovery. It was also noted that there were no current programmes in Kerry aimed at providing Recovery Education to facilitate the development of peer-led recovery groups for participants.
On May 29th, 2013 the first group was trained in Peer Leadership and Facilitation, supported by the Community Education Programme. This group established the Recovery Group at
Rahoonane Community Centre in Tralee and the Peer-led Kerry Peer Support Network was born.

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Who Is Involved

The Recovery Groups are run by volunteer Peer Facilitators.
The Board of Management include members of Kerry/Cork Mental Health Services, Kerry ETB, North East Kerry Development and Peers.


When and Where?

Kerry Peer Support Network offers Peer Support Meetings in various locations throughout Cork and Kerry. In particular, the Bantry Peer Group set up "Bridge Street Community Cafe" for anyone over the age of 18 years old. The aim of the café is to help break down the stigma around mental health difficulties. Anyone can go in, enjoy a cuppa, chat and relax. As well as their Peer Support meetings fortnightly Mondays/Wednesdays, they also have a listening table where you can book a time slot to chat about what’s on your mind with a trained Peer who has been through difficult times themselves. Read more at
KPSN also offers weekly Peer Support Meetings to the in-patients of the Sliabh Mish Mental Health Unit in University Hospital Kerry. 

For more details of group locations throughout Cork and Kerry please see the Services Tab or contact or call 087 6626718 / 066 4011110  

Group Lecture
Group Meetings

"Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles, it takes away today's peace"


Kerry Peer Support Network would like to express our gratitude to Kerry County Council who gave us the opportunity to enhance our facilities with soft furnishings for the provision of a comfortable, warm meeting space for our weekly Recovery Meetings. This was possible through the Community Enhancement Programme, funded by the Department of Rural Development.  

Kerry Peer Support Network would like to express our gratitude to The Community Foundation for Ireland who afforded us the opportunity to move online to help us reach the wider community during this global pandemic. Some changes will include podcasts and blogs and a daily affirmation text service. These additions would not be possible without the help of the Covid-19 Community Fund, funded by The Community Foundation for Ireland .  


What People Are Saying

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"By telling our story of mental health difficulties and our journeys to recovery and leading positive lives each of us have so much to offer, that there is hope for recovery for everyone no matter how dark and bleak things seem"

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"Our organisation is of great benefit and support to so many people. I personally have gained so much by volunteering with Kerry Peer Support Network. Our strength is our commitment to what we do to help others on their journey to recovery"

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"Kerry Peer Support Network has provided me with three essential factors for good mental health:

  1. A concept of self

  2. A sense of belonging

  3. A sense of purpose"

User Feedback

It’s not just about the journey you choose, it’s about the steps you take and each step counts, so keep going"


Essential Support from Recognised Organisations

KPSN cannot be as successful as it is without the help and support of the following organisations.


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By means of this website, KPSN provides information concerning Mental Health Recovery, Education and General tips and advice on Mental Health & Wellbeing.
While KPSN makes every reasonable effort to provide information that is as comprehensive, accurate and clear as possible, the information provided on this site is necessarily of a general nature and may not address the specific circumstances of a particular individual. If you wish to find out what your particular position is in your own particular circumstances Please consult your doctor.

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