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Peer Support/Leadership Training

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KPSN currently provide the following Recovery Education Programmes which are co-produced and co-delivered and draw on experiential and adult learning processes.

Peer Support Training

WRAP® Wellness Recovery Action Plan

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Recovery Literacy

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Recovery Tools

Peer Support

"Nothing is “Impossible”. The word itself says "I’m Possible""


KPSN currently provide tailored Recovery Educational Programmes throughout Kerry. We are an approved WRAP ® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) Training Centre.  WRAP ® can help people to set their own agenda to promote their own positive mental health by helping them to identify their own needs and wants, and give them the tools and life skills to move forward and maintain that wellbeing. Learning something new can boost your self-confidence, self-esteem and give you a purpose in life.

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Available Courses

W.R.A.P®  Workshop (Level 1)

KPSN has Copeland Centre Accredited Facilitators who facilitate a 2 day Level 1 Workshop. These Workshops can be attended by anyone interested in learning techniques to maintain their mental wellness. You do not have to be a service user to apply for this training course. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone to enquire.

Peer Leader Training

If you’re interested in learning more about Mental Health and Co-Facilitating a group of like-minded people, then KPSN’s Peer Leader Training may be for you. This is an 8 week Training Programme where you learn about group dynamics and group facilitation in a confidential, supportive and non-judgemental environment. We have Support/Recovery Groups throughout Kerry and West Cork and new facilitators are always welcome. Please email or ring to enquire.

WRAP®  Workshop (Level 2) - Facilitator Training

We also have Advanced Level Facilitators who provide Level 2 (Facilitator Training) to people who after completion of this course can go on to then deliver the 2 day Workshops. The Facilitator Training is a 5 day intensive training programme and the Facilitator Manual is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Recovery Education. To apply for this course to become a Facilitator, you must have completed WRAP Level 1. Once this is completed you may then qualify for the Facilitator Training.

WRAP® (Activation Programme) Workshop

This Wellness Activation programme is run over 7 weeks.  This would suit anyone who wishes to work towards setting achievable goals and perhaps returning to employment. As well as the 7 Workshop style sessions, there are also two sessions (1 hour each) with a Certified Life Coach who will help you to set your goals. You do not have to be a service user to apply for this course, it is available for anyone who is interested in mental well-being. All you have to do is contact us via email or phone to enquire.

"Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from trying. Just believe and you are half-way there"


Moving On With Your Journey

After building on the Peer Support Training people have been offered further training in the form of Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP®) and are now accredited WRAP® facilitators with the Mary Ellen Copeland Centre. WRAP® has been delivered at several venues throughout the county since it has been established.
KPSN members have also been invited to sit on several KMHS (Kerry Mental Health Services) committees ranging from policy to risk management.
Two of our members are now Advanced Copeland accredited Level 2 Facilitators and many more have trained with us to become  WRAP® Facilitators.

If any of these opportunities appeal to you, get in touch with us today.

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